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Cause: Doesn't matter if it's me, you or an animal... it's flesh!

Animals taste good, I know… I used to eat them, and one day I thought to myself, “What a nice thing would it be if I could help the world by not eating animals.” That small thought became my reality, so it has been for over five years now, but it wasn’t easy.

Rarely I used to assume the plate on my kitchen was vegetarian friendly, so I would take a nibble every time to test it out. Maybe I was being a little dramatic, but next thing I knew my taste buds became agonized by the awful taste of flesh. I would spit it out with disgust feeling very very VERY angry. Then I thought, “Oh my goodness, it doesn’t taste the same as it used to.”

I didn’t know much about this back then, but in my experience the taste of animals has changed, so now, even if I think its safe, I always always ALWAYS ask before I eat. Now that I think about it it’s not much about what it tastes like or what animal it is, but rather knowing that flesh is flesh, whether alive or dead.

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